Time travel with IPMA’s young crew

One way to get attention is to say to your audience that the world is changing and that they should listen to your message. This is not what I will do in this short preview of the time travel workshop during IPMA’s young crew event.

During this workshop, that will take more than one and a half hour, the participants will embark on a journey into the future they themselves want to create. It is about the competences a time traveling project manager needs to develop to create that magnificent future.

Now don’t misunderstand me, it is not woolly, it is a down to earth exercise in which we develop a more effective vocabulary  to describe the developments in the project management body of knowledge and experience. It is a journey for the brave. For those that are willing to postpone their conviction and their current self-image, and for those project managers that are ready to work for the common future instead of their individual future.

Together we can shape the future we desire. Hope to see you on day two of the young crew event, on September 27th at 9.30 in Rotterdam (more>>).