Good Morning – IPMA’tain’tWorld Congress is About to Start

This morning some 1.000 participants will register for the IPMA World Congres in Rotterdam this year. These congresses are important, when you take your profession serious I think that you should attend. For many reasons, one of them is that it enables you to meet other project managers and to share thoughts with them, you are able to extend your network, and of course the presentations too are nice to visit.

Í will give a lecture on Tuesday about the triple dialogue that you need to start to develop your competences. It will be fun, and for those of you that will visit this event, you are invited to meet me at our boot (Dhirata) in the exhibition space. Just look for the stand were you find a head out-of-the box (you can’twasmis it). I will be happy to share some thoughts with you about developing project managers.

When you have a copy of my book, you can buy one during the congress I will be happy to sign it. Or lissten to you comments. Hope that you have a good congres, or when you are not coming, have a succesful project