The triple dialogue – part 1

During the IPMA World Congress I will lecture about developing the project management competence within people and organizations. As a teaser to visit me during the congress I will share some thoughts with you in this blog.

The role of the project manager was crucial and will become more crucial in achieving project success. The project manager needs to develop himself in order to cope with the inevitable changes caused by globalization. This requires a dialogue in three dimensions, this blog is about the first.

It is about a deep conversation with one’s inner motives, one of self-reflection based on what we know that good project management is. This is not a free ride, on the contrary, the dialogue is between competence and the many topics that are covered in the ICB, but also the new insights on project management. An honest self-reflection that results in a intrinsically motivated developmental plan of which certification could one of the milestones in this dialogue.

Most of us, we take the pragmatic route, we learn when we have to, but when our manager is giving us feedback during our year-end review we are more focused on our monthly raise than about the developmental needs that are communicated to us. It is easy to blame the environment and to play the role of a victim. But that’s not learning.

I think that to become the best project manager that you can become within your capabilities is a challenge that is worthwhile to engage in. It starts with an honest self-assessment and dialogue in this first dimension. But that is easier said than done, it requires one fundamental value on which you have to build as well your personal as professional life. What this is, and how to achieve it … that is something that I will reveal during my lecture on the second day of the conference on 14:45hr, September 30th in Diamond Room 2. I hope to see you. More info>>