Creating project management trends


From September 2014 I have been inviting people for an online learning experiment about future project management trends. When you want to participate, enter your details on the next form>>. In this short blog I will tell you about my vision.

Project management trends cycle

I’ve been in project management for more than 30 years in which I have seen project management trends evolving, but in which I have also seen a growing dissatisfaction about the project results. I have seen clever sales people and consultants (I’m a consultant too) sell us ideas that would solve almost all of our problems with projects. There is a cycle of repetitive solutions that are offered to the desperate senior management market that wants to implement strategic change. But still they are dissatisfied.

Give project management back to the project manager

This was the title of a lecture I gave somewhere before the summer holidays of 2014. The key message was, that we have created a system that generates so called project management solutions, but is more originated out of commercial needs than out of organizational needs. This needs to change, we need to give project management back to where it belongs in the hands of new (and young) project managers.

Create our own project management trend

When I realized this, I started thinking about how to achieve this, and from that process a new initiative was born. We forget what we know, and begin to construct project management from scratch. How? By bringing together a group of people, over the world, that are willing to think beyond their convictions. About 500 thinkers, that should be the minimum. The thought process will be done on-line, I will facilitate a portal for that.

What are we going to do? We are going to develop a vision on project management. What are our deepest desires? What kind of project management trends do we want to see emerge. Out of the box, no convictions, an open mind.

Time travel MOOC

This is the portal on which we perform this investigation into the future we desire. You get (for free) ePresentations about learning skills, working in eNvironments, all to facilitate an effective learning experiment. It is a program that will run for several years, we have to find our own way in it. Perhaps we will write a book about is, start a new movement in project management. Whatever we will, I have an open mind. When it becomes a success it is because we want it, and because we have learned how to create our own project management trends.

Leave your name

Do you want to participate? Leave your name and eMail adress on the following form>>. I will return your application with login details. At this moment we have more than 100 time travelers on board.