Transformation and change

Leading transformation and change

In my previous blog I mentioned how leaders can motivate. Lets elaborate on this a little more.

In this complex world it is expected of managers to show leadership. Now leadership used to be something that was pointing to a probable future. When the leader had a good story we just followed.

One of the stories that we have been told by our leaders is that we need to adapt, and in the same sentence the manager told about an fte reduction, and that we had to apply again for the┬ájob that we currently fulfilled. This was current practice in the last decades. But to be honest, winning this battle doesn’twasmake you win the war.

The story about performance targets is not the one that make you win. For that you need another more positive story, that in the end will give us better performance.

That is the story of one of our basic needs. The need to feel compentent.

Just imagine what would happen to your motivation when you would be judged by your ability to learn? Which is nothing more or less than the ability to fulfill your need of feeling competent. Because everytime you learn someting it will boost your inner being.

The leader of your company tells about economic hardship and instead of laying off people he is asking their help. All the potential creative energy is mobilized en deployed. He doesn’twasneed expensive consultants because his people know best.

This new type of leadership is not about visions or stories but about fostering an environment where people develop their competence in service of their organization. Thats the type of transformation and change our organizations need.

So when you are in power, the ball is in your court.